Community-driven Avalanche ecosystem accelerator

powered by Colony’s CLY CLY token.

Early-stage funding to Avalanche built projects Liquidity to existing Avalanche DeFi Protocols Purchases selected Avalanche Projects to Form an Index

Investing in projects building on Avalanche

with a Fund governed by its community.

Colony’s vision is rethinking outmoded systems by imagining brand new ones in order to bring the structural integrity of traditional finance to DeFi, specifically the Avalanche ecosystem.

Open Governance:

Community at core

Open Governance

Vote for capital deployment across the Avalanche ecosystem: Liquidity providing, Early-stage Investments, Staking Program, Index.

Staking Rewards

Receive staking rewards from Avax and upcoming subnets.

Liquidity provider rewards

Earn CLY bought back by Colony, thanks to the Liquidity Provider Program profits on the Avalanche ecosystem.

Multiple Airdrops

Receive airdrops coming from Colony’s investments in the most promising projects building on Avalanche.

Web3 Venture Capital,

DAO Evolution

Web3 Venture Capital,

DAO Evolution

Colony has set out to construct a properly incentivized foundation for the next generation of applications built on the Avalanche platform. Powered by a first of its kind funding mechanism, Colony imbues traditional venture capital with a spirit of Community through open governance, support and inclusion. Colony will implement a DAO structure over time to decentralize itself.

Empowering the

Avalanche Ecosystem

In addition to ushering in promising projects, Colony will contribute to Avalanche protocols by providing capital to increase liquidity and secure networks by running nodes. On top of these features, Colony will maintain an Index dedicated to projects built on Avalanche.


Supporting Avalanche ecosystem

in Every Way Possible


Validator Program

10% of Colony’s capital will be deployed in AVAX that will be staked. Colony will also contribute to subnets validation if allowed.



10% of the capital will be deployed in CAI – Colony Avalanche Index. A benchmark index, composed of the native token (AVAX) and the most prominent projects in the ecosystem.

Early investment

Early investment /
Private Placement

50% of Colony’s capital will be deployed to support the best teams and projects building on Avalanche, finance their growth and help them to develop efficiently.

LP Program

LP Program

30% of Colony’s capital will be deployed in providing liquidity to protocols built on Avalanche, thus participating actively in the Avalanche ecosystem.

CLY $CLY community will be able to change capital deployment principles

Rewarding the community

At the core of Colony is CLY, a unique hybrid token which is used for both DAO governance and liquid exposure to Colony’s value flow. We believe CLY represents a new type of asset, one that both empowers and controls. CLY’s ultimate goal is to align the incentives across pillars, creating a codified harmony between holders, the protocol and the assets contained within it.

Airdrops Mechanism

Early stage investments

This feature is a world premiere, giving a great incentive to token holders, as they’re building a diversified portfolio on the Avalanche ecosystem by staking their Colony token.

Buyback Mechanism

Liquidity Provider Program

This feature creates recurring buying pressure on CLY, while redistributing bought $CLY to the active community members.

A team of veterans



Chief Executive Officer

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Aurélien Ynden

Aurélien Ynden

Chief Operating Officer

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Wessal Er

Wessal Er

Chief Marketing Officer

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Grzegorz Łyskawa

Grzegorz Łyskawa

Chief Technology Officer

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Colony will release its Application features and grow its community worldwide. Colony will be closing its private and public sales in Q4.

  • $CLY Private Sale
  • $CLY First Public Sale
  • Colony


    Colony will start empowering selected projects building on Avalanche with first capital deployment according to the strategy.

  • Early Token Investment
  • Liquidity Provider
  • CAI - Colony Avalanche Index
  • AVAX and subnet Validators


    Colony will evolve towards a DAO model with its own subnet on Avalanche, building new incentive models for Colony Token holders.

  • DAO Creation
  • Avalanche DeFi Integration
  • Node Creation
  • Burning Mechanism: Deflationary Supply


    Using its own subnet, the DAO will launch the development of its 2 pillars to sustain the long-term growth of Avalanche:

  • Incubator integration (partnership with Avalaunch)
  • Liquidity & Capital expansion
  • The Colony tokenomics will be strengthened with direct rewards linked to the ecosystem activity and to the embedded burning mechanism

    Submit your project to raise capital through Colony